‘Ancient Pony’, the opening track of Poemss’ debut long player, suffers from the sort of voiceover that could put you off an album in a single listen. It’s disconcerting and spooky, with no discernible relevance to the sound of the track itself, an almost inflammatory gesture at the beginning of an LP that, thankfully for Aaron Funk and Joanne Pollock, otherwise treads a perfect line between strange dystopian lullabies and more warm melodic exploration. Poemss, though, don’t seem the types to worry over accessibility or ease on the ear – being much too preoccupied with their cerebral, lurching sound bites.

As in the slow, spooky jam of ‘Moviescapes’, these often melancholic, and more often wildly obtuse, tracks work so well because they channel a sort of unfamiliar warmth: that polyphonic video game sound that seems to furnish most of Poemss feels more like it should be projected into space than bound to the Earth for our listening pleasure, but it’s by pure skill that tracks like ‘Gentle Mirror’, which should by all rights be sleight, strange and two dimensional, are worth so much more than the sum of their parts – and actually feel more and more human with every listen.