“I would not jerryrig or candy-coat your Latin Kisses,” sings ex-Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus in ‘Lariet’, the third track off his fifth album with The Jicks. It’s a brilliant lyric, and is one that embodies the exhaustedly feted lyricist in a warbling portion of drunken poeticism. Whilst anything he releases will inevitably draw comparisons to the hugely influential Pavement, he’s actually been making music with the Jicks for a little longer than the former.

It is therefore perhaps painful to say that ‘Wig out at the Jagbags’ is essentially a case of ’90s déjà vu that has been cleaned and tightened. The fitful energy combined with brilliantly askew melodies and quintessential Malkmus witticism remains, but the album emerges as a touch softer; perhaps the result of an added dose of acoustics or a little less twanging reverb. However, despite this adultification, Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks fifth release is, of course, brilliant.


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