Arthur Beatrice have seemingly achieved the unachievable by taking their time to perfect their debut album whilst remaining firmly in buzzy minds. Earlier this year, their EP ‘Carter’ whetted appetites and debut album ‘Working Out’ nicely follows suit. Delicate pop is still very much on the menu, and evidently the band have taken their time to place every note exactly where they want them, like on ‘Councillor’ that breathes slowly into life before morphing into an intrigue slice of sparse pop.

The essential ingredient here, though, is Orlando Leopard’s and Ella Girardot’s cooing vocals that interweave superbly on ‘Midland’ and ‘Grand Union’. And yet, as the gossamer pop ripples have a habit of bordering on the bland, drifting out of attention completely on the needless ‘Interlude’, while carefully constructed, this debut is hard to truly love.


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