Latimer House are an ex-pat band operating out of the Czech Republic, consisting of guys from England, Azerbaijan, Canada and America. Visually, they appear to have a thing of Peter Blake, as if they didn’t sound hodgepodge enough already, and yet ‘All The Rage’ is a debut album of convincing focus that could have only been made by a group of musicians who a.) aren’t kids anymore, and b.) have an unchallenged faith in their leading figure – in this case, lyricist Joe Cook.

It’s Cook, the Englishman, who more or less mutes the other nationalities of the group completely, his vocal as deadened and droll as Ian Dury’s, set to what else but rattling guitars and an organ to give tracks like ‘This Is Pop’ an authentic worker’s pub rock feel. There are a couple of classic ’70s Brit touchstones here (The Clash in ‘Open Your Heart’, Chas’n’Dave and the Minder theme tune on the barroom shronk of ‘Red Heart Sequin Blues’), but it really is the influence of The Blockheads that makes Latimer House unhip, gloriously so, and unshackled by fleeting trends.


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