Silly songs and sitar wig-outs; this French collective may have put together the most un-essential album of the year. Combine Temples and Django Django, camp the whole thing up and add extra cheese and you’ve got Sudden Death of Stars; another of those kitsch guitar bands that are inexplicably still out there, in this case, from the more unusual area of Brittany, but still unimaginatively inspired by little more than The Velvet Underground. ‘Unrevealed Parts of the Unknown’, is a truly forgettable collection of psychedelic pop songs.

Some of it, like opening track ‘The Void’, is languid Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd pastiche, while most of it sounds like phantasmagorical B52s b-sides. It’s indulgent, charmless and contrived, but most significantly, it lacks even the smallest scintilla of a memorable tune and wears very thin, very quickly. “I’ve got a magical mirror baby,” sings the group on ‘Magical Mirror’. On the evidence of this spectacularly tedious LP, they should use it to have a long hard look at themselves, and think about what they’ve done.