The debut LP from Montreal duo Solids is already being labelled as a throwback. But while ‘Blame Confusion’ takes the textural baton from early ’90s noise rock royalty Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth with the firmest of grips, the imagination of Xavier Germain-Poitras and Louis Guillemette’s songwriting means that it manages to run unerringly forward, sounding fresh every step of the way. I’ve chosen to take the album’s title as a command from a pair who cite chaos as their muse, however, far from messy, ‘Blame Confusion’ gives a shape to that disorder.

Like their influences, Solids place the utmost importance on melody and, though complex, this is very much a structured ride, teeming with towering choruses and tantalising hooks. The distorted high notes on the title track hit you just behind the tear ducts, while ‘Laisser Faire’ stirs up that melancholy optimism that only a perfectly sequenced series of distorted minor chords can conjure. The ethic here seems to be that if something is buried then it becomes all the more precious and I have to agree. The product of just two human beings, ‘Blame Confusion’ is much more than the sum of its parts and Solids have announced themselves with aplomb.