California-resident, Mexican spouse duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolete sound as if they are one in a series of existentialist-themed children’s books – Rosie and the angry clock, Jim can’t tell if he’s Real etc. – but, prior to futures in publishing, Lorena Quintanilla and Alberto Gonzalez provide a more familiarly formatted contemporary psychedelia, pitched somewhere between the pastoral whimsy of Quilt, the motorik-narcotic explorations of fellow Latin Americans Follakzoid and the gloves-off bad trip grunge of early Bardo Pond.

The world they move in connects DIY scenes in Buenos Aires, Chicago, New York and in the UK. Sonic Cathedral, who release ‘Chambers’ over here, took stock of these emergent sounds on their great ‘Psych for Sore Eyes’ compilation last February. Quintanilla and Gonzalez’s appearance on that gave rise to some low-rent globetrotting; supporting The Cure in Mexico City and whipping round Europe to play Liverpool’s International Psych Fest in September.

The single from around that time, the colour-dripping motorway music of ‘What’s Holding You?’, is the opener here. Recorded by heroic kosmiche head Cooper Crain of gamma-emitting space-rockers Cave and mastered by the much-solicited fingers of Sonic Boom, this is a long and meandering third record that rewards sustained attention as well as providing off-the-cuff standouts like ‘Music for Dozens.’


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