The BBC’s Sound of 2014 list was littered with anonymous honey-voiced droids. Sterile pop is the order of the day, and guitar bands like Hatcham Social probably won’t be getting anything like the critical and commercial recognition they deserve this year. Nevertheless, the London four-piece are ploughing on defiantly with ‘Cutting Up The Present Leaks Out The Future’, their gratifyingly grubby third LP, and U-turn from the insipid pop of ‘About Girls’.

Released on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis label, it smacks of early Velvet Underground, and Lou Reed himself would have been pleased with the sleaze of album opener ‘Ketamine Queen’. There’s a refreshingly unrefined feel to the production throughout. Guitars, drums, vocals, a few atmospheric strings, and that’s it. The uncluttered composition gives a simultaneously candid and vulnerable quality to the album, no more so than on ‘To the Moon’, the sound of a burnt-out junkie staring wistfully up at the stars. It’s a grimy, gauche affair with bags of personality – something to be celebrated in 2014.