Every bedroom sounds like the 1980s. Every. Single. Bedroom. If you stepped into a bedroom now, any bedroom, and placed your ear against the wall, you’d hear the 1980s. But it wouldn’t be the real 1980s; that died a long time ago. No, what you would hear from the bedroom would be a 1980s that was never lived. A 1980s with synth tones gooier than the gunge Dave Benson Philips got his own back in and reverb so dense you can’t see the wood for the bad haircuts.

Scraps’ debut album, ‘Electric Ocean’, is a love letter to this fake decade adored by the bedrooms of the world. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that; in fact at times it’s quite heart-warming. ‘Gone’ and ‘Electric Ocean’ are like the popular motion picture Drive, but with more Gameboy action. And if there’s one thing that film was missing, it was definitely a bit of Gameboy action. However, these moments are few and far between. In the main, ‘Electric Ocean’ is nothing but another synth pop experiment gone mediocre. The bedrooms will be raving about it all year. The ears won’t remember it next week.


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