Lo-fi is a term that’s subject to constant misuse these days, so it’s pleasing to have somebody like Keel Her come along to set us all straight. The solo project of Brighton native Rose Keeler-Schaffeler, this eighteen-track compilation of her scattershot online releases is bedroom pop in the original sense of the phrase, before the likes of Wild Nothing or Washed Out.

There’s not too much deviation from her basic sonic palette of scratchy guitar buzz and effects-laden vocals, but there is a fair bit of stylistic variation over the course of the record; ‘Go’ is cut from the same slacker-pop cloth as those early Wavves releases, whilst the doom-ridden ‘Black Hole’ creates atmosphere with church organ synths and an ominous, spiralling riff. ‘Pussywhipped’ hints at the fuzzy dream-pop textures of the first Beach House record, although any suggestions of the titular Bikini Kill reference being a non sequitur are shot down by the blistering ‘Riot Girl’.

Some of the shorter tracks here seem like discarded ideas that could do with fleshing out – ‘Overtime’ and the almost glitchy ‘Missing Time’ included – but this is a promising debut from an endearingly experimental artist.


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