With a sweetly girlish, sing-song delivery reminiscent of Lily Allen combined with Amy Winehouse’s reedy, slightly strung-out groans, there’s plenty to enjoy about Rainy Milo’s debut album from a vocal perspective. The production, too, draws from a pleasingly broad base: Massive Attack’s Bristolian interpretation of dub and reggae receives a subtle update here, and is interlaced with everything from jazz-inflected hip-hop to lover’s rock. Unfortunately though, for ‘This Thing of Ours’, the songwriting is maddeningly inconsistent, and is only occasionally a match for Milo’s impressive voice and the diverse sonic textures.

For every ‘Deal Me Briefly’, a stately ballad with an addictive, labyrinthine melody, there’s characterless, sub-All Saints boredom of ‘Treasure Girl’; the smoky horns and swaggering bass that underpins ‘Rats’ is immediately followed by meandering yawn of ‘Miss You’. With her thick south London accent and BRIT school background, Milo strikes a more-than-passing resemblance to Katy B, but lacks the latter’s substance. While her debut soars in parts, it’s an uneven whole, too slight and polite to be truly arresting.


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