Self-taught bedroom producer Brolin hasn’t left the bedroom for quite some time it seems. He rarely plays live, never gives interviews and if he has to show his face, he keeps it obscured behind a zorro-style mask. However, all this mysterious behaviour is not in vein.

He’s been busy compiling tracks for his mix tape ‘Flags’, a collection of glitteringly beat-ridden, R&B-tinged electronica. It’s packed with a steady stream of collaborators (Hannes Rasmus, FTSE, Dam Mantle, Casually Here, Raffertie) and is beautifully fused together with the honey of his own silky Alexis Taylor-like vocal gems. In the third track a cockney voice rises over dark synth like a creepy geezer in a warehouse toilet queue and asks “If you’re holding onto a rising balloon, you’re presented with a difficult decision: Let go before it’s too late? Or hang on and keep getting higher?” One can’t help but wonder if the shy producer is asking himself the same question. But one thing’s for sure, ‘Flags’ marks a brilliant creation from somebody who has lived up to so much word-of-mouth hype.


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