Very occasionally music wriggles its way through your clutches and is almost impossible to define. Colourmusic have successfully achieved this feat with their confusing sound, which is better compared to colours than genres. This – their third album – has been described as their ‘purple album’ and is their most potent yet as all their ideas merge into a more cohesive and dynamic beast.

As well as packing a bigger punch, it is also their darkest output to date with freaky synths, off-kilter guitar injections and kraut-like rhythms colliding to sound like the sonic equivalent of a dystopian parallel world. ‘Overture’ is like being tortured with industrial throbs, whilst ‘Audacity of Hope’ is positively haunting and ‘Rendezvous with Destiny’ is like creeping around some abandoned warehouse. That is not to say that the weird universe these songs replicate is undesirable, instead it is strangely compelling and appealing. True to the bands nature, this eclectic album may be hard to digest but once you manage to it is invigorating.


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