It’d probably be fair to call ‘Spent The Afternoon’ a “summer record”, laden as it is with all the bounce and melodic immediacy, not to mention vacuity, implied by such a label. Not that the latter is necessarily a bad thing.

Same as all self-respecting twee-inclined songwriters, Full Ugly’s Nathan Burgess treats shallowness as something of a virtue. Accordingly, the record’s shabby indie pop locates profundity in the meek and mundane: going to town to run some errands is deemed suitable subject matter for a chorus. And that’s fine in its way, just don’t get him started on watering the plants or opening the fridge, or you’ll probably find all this hypersensitivity becoming tiresome.

‘Spent The Afternoon’’s cutesiness can be traced back to the likes of Beat Happening, even if the chiming guitars and youthful straining of Burgess’ vocals owe as much to ‘Lies’-era New Order. And whilst the prevalence of such reference points shouldn’t be taken to be a deficiency in itself, the fact that none of these comparisons are particularly favourable probably should.


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