There appears to have been an excess, recently, of solo males melding beautifully pitched vocals to poised and crafted electronica, and joining this muted party with his debut full-length is London’s curiously named SOHN. ‘Tremors’ was recorded in Vienna, apparently only at night, but there’s a brightness here that belies that notion. First track ‘Tempest’ is an instant hook-in to the record; incredibly beautiful falsetto vocals floating over a tribal sci-fi backdrop. It’s an astonishingly good opening.

On the single ‘Bloodflows’, calmness descends into a strangely warm urgency; listening to the track feels like watching a sunrise in stop-motion fast-forward. ‘Lights’, meanwhile, is a slow-building classic awash with minor synths, a truly statuesque mini-epic. While admittedly there isn’t a great deal to distinguish SOHN stylistically from his contemporaries, the sheer strength of songwriting here, and the album’s ability to engage the emotions on a fundamental level, both mark him out as something of a luminary. This is a record that purges your soul of the mundane, and washes over you like oxygen.


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