You don’t really see tin sheds anymore, not in the flesh anyway. They’re confined to a history that most of us youthful types can only dream of whilst flicking through the pages of discarded Dorling Kindersley annuals. I can’t say with any real authority, but I’m fairly sure Protomartyr, a decidedly grey punk band, are in the same boat as the rest of us, tin shed-wise. You could never tell though.

‘Under Colour of Official Right’, the group’s second record, sounds like it was recorded by tin shed masters, so much so that you can almost smell the rusty corners. Everything echoes. Everything is cold. Everything is short. Everything is as austere as the forgotten city that Protomartyr are from – Detroit, where people don’t muddle through so much as trudge on, despondent rather than angry. It’s the type of record The Vaccines would have made if they dug common metals rather than Real Estate EPs. It’s clear more bands need to get into the tin shed scene. Cut your hair short. Get some tin sheets. Build a shed. Put down the DK annual and start something.


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