Across the country glimmers of spring sunshine are beginning to flicker through windows. Laced in this glowing light is the feeling of optimism and joy, something that Lucius’ debut album tries to embody. Although it is far from pioneering stuff, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig’s patchwork quilt of soulful ’60s, indie pop and country rock songs has been weaved using a new pattern. The real appeal is the duo’s dazzling voices that interlink on the album-titled opener and become one big tour de force for the remainder, as infectious harmony after infectious harmony follows.

Aside from a glistening vocal performance that would see Tom Jones reaching for his buzzer faster than his fake tan, the instrumentation pristinely waltzes along inoffensively and a little boringly, and yet it is the gentler meandering moments that are much more enjoyable than the stomping and irritating likes of ‘Turn It Around’, ‘Nothing Ordinary’ and ‘Hey, Doreen’. Unfortunately, more often than not, ‘Wildewoman’’s flawless singing isn’t enough to conjure warm rays of jubilation by themselves.


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