To some extent, scenes don’t really exist in music anymore. Even though we might cobble together a few similar artists and give it a name, it’s an increasingly atomised creative landscape. That being said, there does seem to be a growing affinity for the avant-garde; a psych revival if you will, and while they’ve been making the same music since ‘before it was cool’, it’s inevitable that Woods are lumped in with groups like Temples. These prolific Brooklyners shouldn’t fear comparison, though, as they’ve been perfecting their Dead-esque sound for years, and it shows. ‘With Light and With Love’ is an immensely well-balanced record.

It all builds around the title track; nine minutes of amorphous grazed-knuckle thrash, neatly contrasting with refined, emollient songs like ‘New Light’ and ‘Leaves Like Glass’, which showcase imaginative writing with the sturdiest melodic clarity. Although they may fall within 2014’s genre du jour, Woods have, once again, put together an absorbing psychedelic folk-rock record that’s more timeless than trendy. They’ll be here when Temples aren’t.


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