It must be difficult, these days, for an indie-pop band to sit down and come up with a sound that isn’t totally stale before they roll into the studio. Teleman, though, have made a pretty good stab at it here; the London four-piece, featuring a couple of former members of Pete and the Pirates (and what’s more indie-pop than that?), are the kind of band that 6Music loves, and you can see why with songs like current single ‘Cristina’; it’s twee, poised pop with an undeniably sharp hook – carefully constructed melodic fun that will surely become an indie disco floor filler.

‘Steam Train Girl’, meanwhile, is vaguely robotic synth-pop, loosely akin to Kraftwerk covering Belle & Sebastian. Largely, it works. A highlight then comes with ‘23 Floors Up’, which is hugely Suede-esque (and therefore admittedly not without a whiff of stale indie about it, depending on your persuasion), and as close as this band will ever get to sounding epic. Bar the odd, almost obligatory duffer, this is a brilliantly written bunch of tunes – indie at its most pop. It’s not a record to shift your soul, or even thrill the senses, but it is a barrel-load of hooky fun.


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