At 19, Ian Evans (aka Napolian of Los Angeles) is another young producer in an ever-growing glut of beat-pushing protégés. Fresh-faced and future-focused, ‘Incursio’ is a measured journey that picks up where previous EP ‘Rejoice’ left off, working through a 21st century selection of ambient, trip-hop and synthetic R&B.

Set to a backbone of crisp percussion, meticulous synth-funk, and a clinical ear for composition, tracks like ‘Escobar’, with its slow, syrupy rhythms and flashes of broken beat, and the easy-going boom-bap percussion and synth interludes of ‘Is It Love’ showcase Evans’ constant willingness to switch it up. At a brave 15 tracks, there’s both depth and detraction but it’s an album that never stops striving to push beyond safe hardware-based instrumentals.

From the industrial jolt of  ‘DARPA’’s driving mechanical clanks, wound-down reverb and the black hole ambience of ‘Peace and Safety’, and the dark, clanging piano chords and busy offbeats of ‘L O B B Y’, Napolian’s strictly beats set plays out like a restless, android dream.


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