How many drummers does it take to form a band? In the case of Beaty Heart the answer may surprise you. If having three out of a potential four members devoted to percussion sounds like a recipe for disaster, prepare to be surprised, because the quartet’s debut is a breathless and buoyant record that jangles with rich guitars, complex rhythms and falsetto harmonies.

It owes an undeniably huge debt to the music of Africa, but filters this through a myriad of styles, bounding from reverb soaked psychedelia (‘Kanute’s Coming Round’) and expansive off-kilter art pop (‘Get The Gurls’) to squelchy ambiance (‘Opal Shred’) all at a breakneck pace, although it’s the LP’s more subdued tracks that garner the best results; the enchanting undulation of ‘Kinder’ or ‘Muti’ with its twinkling piano being particular standouts. This musical salmagundi is a hectic and unexpected mix that, while on occasion threatens to overwhelm, manages stay on course by sheer virtue of charisma, crafting a debut that shimmers with youth and exuberance.


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