All roads from Tacocat seem to lead right to Nirvana. The Seattleites are signed to Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art and pay homage to ‘Nevermind’ with their sophomore album title. Surprisingly though, the palindromic foursome sound nothing like their angst-ridden forebears. Ironically, the lineage of their pop-punk-cum-girl-group stylings can be traced back to Shonen Knife; one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite bands. Yet that bonkers Japanese trio purveyed nonsensical songs with titles like ‘I Am a Cat” and ‘I Wanna Eat Chocobars’.

Here, the saccharine riffs are paired with slightly more grounded goofiness and a smattering of feminist sentiment. ‘Psychedelic Quinceañera’ tackles coming of age (via LSD), ‘You Never Came Back’ covers boy troubles and as for ‘Crimson Wave’, well, you get the idea. It’s a good thing Emily Nokes writes imaginative lyrics too, because the tunes here are laughably rudimentary. If you’re not in the demographic, you’ll probably get bored, but if you’re having a bad day (and especially female), these 13 perky tracks might be just the tonic.


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