The menacing shadow of Swans looms heavily over ‘Process’, but the roaring atmospheres and industrial thud emitted here comes from just two guys recording in a garage. With a whiff of early Godflesh, this is an album that kicks you fiercely in the gut, its whole execution – and the subsequent waves of thrashing sound that spew forth – immensely corporal. That said, while it can be a squealing, clattering, charging assault of an album, it’s also one that knows the importance of space and restraint and employs the succinct and tactful techniques that Wire, at their finest, so seamlessly exude.

The album therefore rockets back and forth between burning, screeching balls of white noise static, acerbic stop-start guitar stabs and ghostly yet gristly atmospheres that weave from the grainy to gliding. While it can occasionally border on the repetitive in its approach, it’s mostly a consistently engulfing and ever-shifting LP – a throttling and throbbing record that chokes you by the throat and will send your neighbours spiralling into madness if you play it loud enough.


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