Listen to ‘They Come In Gold’, from hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces


Seattle duo Shabazz Palaces have taken their time in following up their acclaimed 2011 debut, ‘Black Up’. Then, the group was the first hip hop project to be signed to local label Sub Pop, and now they’re ready with their second album, named ‘Lese Majesty’ and released July 28th.

It looks like it’s taken 3 years, too, consisting of 18 tracks over 7 suites. Below is lead track ‘They Come In Gold’.


Suite 1: “The Phasing Shift”:
1. “Dawn In Luxor”
2. “Forerunner Foray”
3. “They Come In Gold”

Suite 2: “Touch & Agree”:
4. “Solemn Swears”
5. “Harem Aria”
6. “Noetic Noiromantics”
7. “The Ballad of Lt. Major Winnings”

Suite 3: “Palace War Council Meeting”:
8. “Soundview”
9. “Ishmael”
10. “Down 155th In The MCM Snorkel”

Suite 4: “Pleasure Milieu”:
11. “Divine Of Form”
12. “#Cake”

Suite 5: “Federal Bureau Boys”:
13. “Colluding Oligarchs”
14. “Suspicion Of A Shape”

Suite 6: “High Climb To The Gallows”
15. “Mind Glitch Keytar Theme”
16. “Motion Sickness”

Suite 7: “Murkings On The Oxblood Starway”:
17. “New Black Wave”
18. “Sonic Myth Map For The Trip Back”dot