Frontstroke or backstroke? They both have their pros and cons. Frontstroke is faster but you have to get your face a bit wet, and no one likes that. Backstroke meanwhile lets you chill out, but then you can’t see where you’re going, and no one likes that either. It’s a tough call. Not for Teen, a trio of sisters and one other formed by ex Here We Go Magic keyboardist Teeny Lieberson.

The group’s second album, ‘The Way and Colour’, sees them stroking backwards down the English Rivera towards a much less loving bay than the one Joe Mount told us all about, to anguished synths and parping brass, and, on the opening ‘Rose 4 U’, what sounds like live vocal sampling. ‘Breath Low & Deep’ and the closing ‘All The Same’ take their leads from Metronomy the most, skewed and offbeat, the latter feeding our ears with underwater, blubbing harmonies and nods to Minnie Riperton. But, then, for the most part, Teen feed us that standard hipster R’n’B nonsense, suggesting they’ve backed the wrong seahorse one to many times.


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