“We sound like the feeling you get when you pee on the prego stick and it shows you a plus sign.” That was frontwoman Mish Way’s description of her band White Lung back in 2010. Three albums later and the Canadian punk group still sound like a hellish delight. Combining the melodic gothdom of AFI, the beautiful vulgarity of Courtney Love and the deranged speed of an ’80s hardcore band, White Lung are still positively blackened.

Lyrically, ‘Deep Fantasy’ targets some usual suspects: Addiction (‘Drown with the Monster’), arse-lickers (‘Sycophant’) and body dysmorphia (‘Snake Jaw’). However, it’s not the angst-ridden lyricism or even the velocity by which it’s delivered that makes the trio’s third album a blazing treat for the ears. You could find that on any punk record. It’s the rich sonic textures, the melody amongst the thrashing and the genuinely DIY spirit of the band that elevates them beyond the others. Plus, Mish Way has always been a vocal feminist, which always makes ones ‘pursuits’ that little bit more brilliant.


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