Former Vivian Girl Katy Goodman is fed up of writing sad songs. Her last two albums under her La Sera guise have been about break-ups and although they were both brimming with her trademark bubbly melodies there was a broken heart that rotted away at the sun-bleached indie rock. Whereas in the past Goodman’s knack for pop songcraft has been obscured by desolate themes or hidden by gritty noise, here it is transparently on show as streamlined songs prevail with generous amounts of personality and charm.

Listening to this LA musician’s joyous and energetic fizzling pop is like a glorious day after a particularly miserable winter. It’s very much that overused term ‘lush’, and highlights are plentiful. ‘Losing to the Dark’ is a sharp burst of noise pop that sets the tone, ‘Running Wild’ is one of the catchiest songs that Goodman has inked and title track ‘Hour of the Dawn’ is radiant like the first shards of summer sunlight.

Essentially none of this third solo record from Goodman treads new ground, but it does reiterate her status as a master of her craft. With the Vivian Girls breaking up and heartache pushed firmly to the side, Katy Goodman has succeeded in freeing herself and rekindling the fun factor of making music once again. She has got a spring in her step and it is infectious.


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