If Lust For Youth makes music about youthfulness, then it’s only in the sense that Hannes Norrvide’s records pre-mourn its inevitable fading. And whilst this is still true of the Swede’s third record, here the tone is more one of wistful regret than bitter irony. It’s like a New Order to the Joy Division of his earlier work, the music unearthing a newfound nuance in its less direct confrontation with despair. And the comparison with the former doesn’t end there.

This record is wrapped in the gloss of the early ’80s, as compact synth and guitar hooks tumble over one another in a stream of melody and pollowy textures. At its best, ‘International’ might just measure up to its influences, too; on standout ‘Illume’ Norrvide’s by-now-trademark vocals (think Foals’ Yannis Philippakis via Robert Smith) sound haunted and naively hopeful in equal measure. Such glimpses of quality are fleeting, though, and by ‘International’’s close one is left wondering whether Norrvide’s new sense of (relative) contentedness has fatally diminished his music’s vital urgency.


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