Anonymity is a commonly used ploy in the music industry. The Acid are one of the now endless number of bands that have opted to shroud themselves in secrecy (although it has now been revealed that the project belongs to Ry X, Adam Freeland and Steve Nalpea). Once the shadowy smokescreen disperses on a group, usually all that is left is the mundane music and the ordinary appearance of the creators. However, with The Acid this couldn’t be further from the truth, as mystery nestles itself into every throb of percussion, every ornate synth, every shuddering beat and every time Ry X delivers his impassive vocals.

‘Ra’ is a rare outpouring of emotion with the singer’s delicate croons feeling like they are trying to grab you and tell you a secret. Elsewhere though, besides the odd glistening synth, this monotonous album is like a possessed and emotionless surgeon drilling away at your skull in a strangely compelling way. Mystery certainly wasn’t a trick by this detached trio; it is infested throughout this genre-defying debut.


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