Sacramento, it seems, inspires a whole other level of aggression in its musical sons. From the Cramps to the Deftones and Trash Talk’s nearest cousins, Death Grips, it appears that a generous allocation of sunshine hours does little to curb a desire to confront listeners with the ugly. They relish in throwing the grenade in and observing the bloody outcome.

Indeed, while Trash Talk have never been shrinking violets, anyone who has followed the group’s arc towards album number 4 will notice that the spleen has been notched up even further. It leaves behind the relative sparsity of tracks like ‘Blossom And Burn’ (featuring Hodgy Beats and Tyler) and ‘Thanks, But No Thanks’ from 2012’s ‘119’, and shuns any flirtation with groove for an unbending hardcore punk assault. At just over half an hour it’s a fairly lavish gesture from a group who shoehorned 14 songs into just 22 minutes on their last LP. However, while the bonus tracks feel a bit tacked on (the appearance of RatKing’s Wiki and King Krule on ‘Stackin Skins’ seem like an attempt to justify their place on Odd Future Records), there’s barely a superfluous second on ‘No Peace’.

It’s raw, disaffected and claustrophobic, and its visceral lexicon somehow makes sense. “Shaved my head, bit my tongue,” Lee Spielman wails, and you’ll wince as the molar pierces your tastebuds.


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