Jumpy Suicide-like organs stabs, waves of muddy guitars that seem lost in their own headless path and the occasional blast of a pop-drenched chorus has pretty much been the staple output of groups like Wooden Shijps for many years. While Les Big Byrd can occasionally adopt that same successful template on tracks like ‘Tinnitus Ætérnum’ there is something refreshingly expansive and free from formula about their own take on garage-psych-pop, too.

It appears this Swedish outfit (recorded and released by the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe, via his label ‘A’) relish in flowery 12-string baroque pop as frequently as they do head-splitting, drug-rot psychedelia. This results in a record that moves as frequently between genres as it does timeframes. While feeling unmistakably ‘now’ there is also something about ‘They Worshipped Cats’ that has the allure and excitement of buying an album from a bargain bin because it has an enticing and enchanting album cover, and then finding it to be a lost gem of the 1960s.


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