This hedonistic ’90s soundtrack is like a messy college party; the sort that the band probably dreamt about, but only ever really experienced through glossy, coming-of-age films. Beer bongs, sweaty fringes glooped to foreheads and trashed mansions – that’s where this happy racket lives and it’s difficult not to want to be single-mindedly adolescent in its presence.

While the scuzzy punk pop of Paws’ debut (‘Cokefloat!’) was fun but mostly derivative, sophomore ‘Youth Culture Forever’ sees the Glaswegian trio conjure something bigger and bolder out of all that Blink 182 brattiness. Recorded in the woods outside of The Big Apple, their glorious noise this time veers between those trademark bursts of heart-on-sleeve melody (‘Tongues’, ‘An Honest Romance’) and something more dark and brooding, which adeptly flits between thunderous clatter and pin-drop silence (‘Erreur Humaine’, ‘War Cry’). However, despite the added depth those drawn-out deviations give their return, it’s still the dumb spurts of energy that best woo and lure repeated visits.


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