Despite hailing from Toronto, Alvvays’ dreamy pop better emits the radiance of a surf resort on the West coast. Although many of their songs boast a lackadaisical charm, they aren’t as bright and breezy as you might first think as bittersweet themes infest themselves in their music. Their self-titled debut album is like some gloriously exposed photographs of a holiday that isn’t remembered fondly. ‘Adult Diversion’ is a buoyant beginning that could be used as the soundtrack for a picturesque resorts advert. Elsewhere though, dark subject matters are wonderfully hidden behind playful instrumentation like on the jangly, ‘Next of Kin’ and ‘Archie, Marry Me’, that blend melancholy and warmth with the same expertise as their future tourmates Real Estate manage to do.

The weariest and most desolate moment on the album is ‘Ones Who Love You’ where Molly Rankin laments about being stuck in side and “nothing ever falling in place”, it is quite the opposite of this debut album that is brimming with promise.


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