Kenny Anderson is now many, many albums into a career in which he has consistently served up well above his rightful share of inventiveness, emotiveness and sheer musical quality. This latest record, written to accompany a ‘poetic documentary film’ (a composition of archived footage on themes including emigration, employment and war), opens with a typically plaintive organ refrain before Anderson’s instantly recognisable, beautifully lilting vocals begin floating over gently shifting, major to minor chords. It’s further proof that King Creosote isn’t just a songwriter – he’s a composer, a constructor of beauty.

Witness the last minute and a half of ‘Leaf Piece’, which is a warm, orchestral vignette all of its own, while on ‘Miserable Strangers’, slow-building, layered harmonies are weaved with soul-stirring strings to superb and moving effect. And this album is a varied work, stylistically. From the jaunty, slightly ramshackle runaway folk of ‘Largs’, to the ethereal two-minute instrumental ‘Crystal 8s’, to the hugely emotive, triumphal call-to-arms that is ‘Pauper’s Dough’, ‘From Scotland With Love’ is consistently superb.