In opening ‘If Anything’ with a track called ‘Guy Picciotto’ – ninety seconds of melodic punk, of which the Fugazi man would surely approve – Greys set their stall out pretty firmly from the off. The Toronto outfit describe themselves simply as a ‘loud rock band’, but in fact their sound is made up of the same components that, say, compatriots METZ touch upon; they’re in thrall to Dischord, of course, but there’s more than a hint of Nirvana’s ear for a hook and the sheer energy of this debut full-length is so visceral that you can’t discount the punk tag either.

The cacophonous ‘Adderall’ nudges towards noise rock territory, whilst ‘Chick Singer’ and the furious ‘Brain Dead’ are a little more straightforward in structure, guitars and drums locked in a race to the finish with Shehzaad Jiwani providing consistently punishing vocals. Slow-burning closer ‘Lull’ might be the highlight, with the guitars given room to be a little more mellifluous; it’s a neat way, too, to bat away accusations of charlatanism on this hugely promising debut.


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