In the video for the title track of this collection – the band’s first ever foray into visuals – Throne have scored what they’re claiming to be a world first: a frame-by-frame journey through space created entirely through the medium of embroidery. The sounds on ‘Where Tharsis Sleeps’, however, aren’t what you would traditionally associate with neat needlecraft as the London doom trio guide us through 5 pummelling tracks bursting with bone-shattering, floorboard-buzzing, mountain-sized riffs.

Their music, they say, is influenced by a shared love of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Queen and they synthesise these to form a concoction of catharsis and groove that is faultless in its execution. Titles like ‘Molten Tomb’ and ‘Surface Of Stone’ – as well as the EP itself, which is named after a massive volcanic region of Mars – will give you an idea as to the themes which are covered but it’s this hackneyed reliance on the occult and science fiction – allied with a sound that has already stretched its shelf life – which gives this a paint-by-numbers feel. Undoubtedly satisfying, Where Tharsis Sleeps doesn’t break any new ground.


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