‘Albumin’ is a waltzer ride of a record. Within the first three songs it transforms from the opening Nine Inch Nails-like synth stabs of ‘Razor’s Edge’ to the Hammond Organ-drenched ’60s jazz-rock of ‘Walk On’. It’s a template that sets the tone for the rest of the record; it’s varied but it can’t quite find out what it wants to be. The nicely executed vocals of Katrina Ford are the one constant exception throughout, but it’s an album that gets too bogged down in trying to find its feet.

In trying to be several things at once it often results in staying put in the middle ground of fairly uninspiring trad-rock. Perhaps it’s something in the Baltimore air but echoes of both the Beach House and Lower Dens style (even if Celebration pre-date both of them) can be heard floating around. However, where the former push space and atmosphere to the forefront, ‘Albumin’ seems intent on filling every available space, which can result in both an overwhelming and clumsy experience, such as the funk-soul-waltz hybrid of ‘Chariot’.


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