The description of the video for ‘The Mess Up’, an early DZ Deathrays song, reads, “2 guys, 1 bottle of Jägermeister, 3 minutes,” and inevitably ends in a load of spewing. This intoxicating, lively and ramshackle behaviour characterised the spontaneous set of songs from their live set that made up their debut album.

Despite being a very slightly more measured affair, which was specifically written as an album, their follow-up, ‘Black Rat’, still manages to fizz away at your insides like a concoction of energy drink, cheap alcohol and Lucozade tablets provoking hyperactive energy (best illustrated on the album opener and title track, which is like a hard shove into a mosh pit). There are also signs of progression – ‘Gina Works at Heart’ and ‘Ocean Exploder’ are their most gigantic songs to date and best show the clever song structures they conjure up.

‘Black Rat’ proves DZ Deathrays are just as scuzzy and fun as before, but the party is beginning to drag on and this Aussie duo need to do some maturing soon.


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