Any Adult Jazz coverage begets the question of how many words will pass before Wild Beasts are mentioned. In this case, the answer is 14. If the comparisons are partially valid, they’re also reductive; a more rounded frame of reference might be some combination of Four Tet, alt-J and calypso-pop outfit Beaty Heart. In any case, the Leeds quartet’s sound is utterly their own.

January’s hugely impressive double A-side ‘Springful / Am Gone’ laid out the Adult Jazz blueprint: off-kilter polyrhythmic beats, jittery bass lines and fractured pitch-shifted vocals that coalesce into a majestic whole. In truth, that song pairing probably still represents the strongest material on this debut full-length but the aesthetic permeates the whole record.

Reputedly entirely recorded with vintage equipment in an isolated farm up on the Scottish borders, there’s a singular vision at work here that means even weaker tracks, like the overlong opener, are beautifully sparsely produced and feel part of a grander statement. This is a skeletal art-pop triumph.


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