After fifteen studio albums and thirty years of noise under The Flaming Lips’ banner, the quirk, confusion and general space rock weirdness permeating Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd’s addled minds seemed to be veering towards a bleak disintegration. Picking up on those dark, experimental drone grooves as Electric Würms, debut release ‘Musik Die Schwer Zu Twerk’ is a pulsing, puzzling plunge into a psychedelic prog-folk K-hole.

Opening with ‘The Bat’, busy lo-fi production, circuit-breaks and creeping vocals drift in from the ether before ‘Futuristic Hallucination’ slows things to a Xanax crawl with slurred electronics that play out somewhere between The Field and the Mars landing. ‘Living’ picks up the pace with a restless Motorik beat, ethereal vocals and dystopian Vangelis atmospheres – and ‘I Could See Clouds’ jerks with some finger-knotting guitar licks – but it’s the wailing, frenzied static of ‘Transform!!!’ that is this album’s snapshot. So obnoxious it needed three exclamation marks, it crashes the jazz fusion, pop confusion and rolling prog intent into a closer that’s weird, wild, and fleetingly wonderful.


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