Faux Discx Records owner Dan Reeves (also of Cold Pumas) has conjured a soundtrack for the quarter-life crisis generation on this new solo record. ‘No Time’, his first full-length for Trouble In Mind, is a slew of musings about the ticking clock; a foggy, 8-track haze of wishy-washy psychedelia that feels as lackadaisical and dispirited as the audience it shoots for. Sadly, it’s almost drearily precise in its aural portrayal of life stage mediocrity and frustration, which ultimately makes for a somewhat lacklustre listening experience.

‘Won’t Remember My Name’ is drab, post-trip comedown music; the kind that all-too-accurately fits a depressing scene in a dark room, with a pants-clad twenty-something gawping at his own reflection and longing for his innocence. It’s out-muscled by the apathetic strut of ‘The Big Nod’, but despite some revitalising rhythmic drive, the whole thing still proves a tad un-enjoyable. Kaleidoscopic thrills and surprise lilts sprinkle magic over similar releases in 2014, a fact that marks this as a mite meandering; like time spent cooped up inside on a drizzly weekend.


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