James Yorkston’s musical constancy and tendency towards open-house collaboration is an impressive and remarkable thing. The title of this new album is a nod to his approach, and here the self-styled ‘Scottish gent’ invites KT Tunstall, amongst others, to add zest to his folky stew.

This, as ever, is slowly immersive music; music that washes over you gently, drawing you into its autumnal colours. ‘Feathers Are Falling’ is a delicate ballad, which engenders images of padding softly through a warm forest glade, while ‘The Blues You Sang’ is as soothing as a lullaby.

Yorkston’s clever and literate lyricism is strongly in evidence throughout the record, from the tongue-in-cheek folk duet of ‘Fellow Man’ to the typically beautiful and bittersweet ‘Broken Wave’, where he gently intones “I promise I will remember you as a man full of love / And not this broken wave”.

At over an hour, though, it feels slightly overlong, and one gentle, carefully constructed composition tends to blend into the next, with few discernible seams.