For a man so infamously aloof, J Mascis’ debut solo album ‘Several Shades of Why’ felt awfully vulnerable. The acoustic sound, the hushed vocals, the finger-picking – all these duped us into assuming the LP was personal. But beneath the surface, Mascis, as ever, was hiding behind lyrical ambiguity: “Got to wait this time/ Why should I have time to answer?/ Several shades of why/ I can’t go back, it’s faster”. ‘Tied to a Star’, his second solo effort, drops the confessional guise entirely, mostly replacing the gentle acoustics of ‘Several Shades’ with hearty, American guitar playing, and odes to living like humans do – with anxiety, fear, love and hope. It’s all the more cohesive because of it.

Whilst the Dinosaur Jr frontman’s ear for hooks has never really been in doubt, ‘Tied to a Star’ brings a beautiful (and perhaps unexpected) emotional honesty to bear. It’s filled with little moments – like when Mascis questions himself on ‘Better Plane’ (“Will I be there to see?”), or when his vocals soar hopefully on opener ‘Me Again’, or when ‘Drifter’’s guitar line breaks off, only to accelerate through its heady three minutes of joy – where the man, rather than the musician, takes a front seat. He’s imperfect yes, but also familiar and beautiful. Just like ‘Tied to a Star’.