After blog fawning and honed anonymity in their early years, JJ appear to have bared all on their latest LP, ‘V’. You’ll really wish they hadn’t. Lyrically it’s like those phrases disseminated by cliché-autobots, postcard-pap for morons; ‘It’s my party I’ll get high if I want to/Life’s a party I can die if I want to/God is here, say hi if you want to’. Elsewhere it’s as if Elin Kastlander has swept up rejected material from the cutting room floor of a particularly awful Disney film: ‘I’m up in the club/I won’t be up in these drugs/but if you show me love/you might get a hug’

EH, KIDS! Night out with this lot, eh! Although the music’s more cloudy, nestled with field sounds and hush-prone than standard vanilla-tripe commerciality, the mawkish vacuity of it all wins out, beaming like beauty-pageant anathema. Fluffy, acridly-‘perfect’, rife with bedwetting tedium and inane confessionals, it’s what I imagine the aftermath of downing cheap perfume would be. Fucking unbearable.


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