You’ll likely know Avi Buffalo from their supremely radio-friendly 2010 single ‘What’s In It For’ – a summery, indie-pop gem, which was played on heavy rotation. At their core is the youthful Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg, and a talented and creative individual he certainly is; on ‘At Best Cuckold’, his high-pitched, slightly delicate, gently delivered vocals raise echoes of Elliott Smith – but a sort of stable, happy, fulfilled Elliot Smith, in possession of an angst-free and cheerful soul.

Thus ‘Two Cherished Understandings’ washes over you like a warm breeze on a summer’s eve, melodies floating through it like twinkling stars, with just enough quirks to keep things interesting, while elsewhere ‘Found Blind’ ticks the punchy indie-rock box. But does the world need Avi Buffalo, or is their well-crafted, strongly written, nicely produced music destined to just drift into a quiet corner of the collective musical consciousness, elevate and warm a few souls, and gently slide away? On the strength of the pleasant-but-a-touch-dull ‘At Best Cuckold’, the latter is the far more likely outcome.


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