Nine albums in and Blonde Redhead offer a gentle reminder that they are still here, with new record ‘Barragan’. After a slightly unexpected opening – the title track a sort of Spanish tinged lament with a flute accompaniment that’s part Vashti Bunyan part Valerie and Her Week of Wonders – the trio pick up from where 2010’s ‘Penny Sparkle’ (their third and last LP for 4AD) left off.

The syncopated tango pop of ‘Lady M’ and slowed down strut of ‘Cat on Tin Roof’ couple soft, spider web vocals with stripped back and a subdued guitar that has your head bobbing and lips tentatively pouting. ‘The One I Love’ drifts into chamber pop territory while ‘No More Honey’ is like a skewed Deerhoof track, only less schizophrenic. It’s a somewhat unimposing album and at times drifts into intangible dream gaze, though like that quiet kid at school, it bears a confidence and maturity that others lack.

Sleek and stylish throughout and benefiting from production duties from Drew Brown (Lower Dens, Radiohead), ‘Barragan’ sees the band sauntering with a sound truly mastered.


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