2009 doesn’t seem that long ago, but music has moved on since Jamie T’s critically lauded ‘Kings and Queens’: despite its elemental charm and propensity for introspection, it somewhat lacked the maturity anticipated for his follow up to 2007’s ‘Panic Prevention’. Still, Jamie Treays’ trajectory was heading in the right direction, but his rocketing success was halted by personal crisis; a perfect catalyst for any comeback album.

With ‘Carry On the Grudge’, Jamie T’s words pack a darker, more contemplative energy, yet it reintroduces the bold distinctiveness of Jamie T’s voice. Here though, the vocal likeness between him and Alex Turner is more palpable than ever, and unlike past efforts, displays more vocal aptitude in terms of singing ability, with his usual MC discourse often replaced by melodic refrains.

Both musically and lyrically, it’s a leap forward, and it perhaps veers into more profound territory, but by no means suffers from over-sentimentality, with the ramshackle urgency of ‘Zombie’ and ‘Rabbit Hole’ containing all the prevailing hallmarks Treay has become known for, along with his proclivity for melding punk, rap and two tone triumphantly.

There’s a progression here that is nuanced enough not to alienate any fans of Jamie T’s past work, and while it’s a tried and tested formula, it’s also the 28-year old’s most balanced record to date.


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