Since around the mid-noughties, Interpol have been a band who, with each passing record, we’ve longingly hoped would succeed in nailing that seemingly elusive return to form. 2010’s self-titled fourth album was just not it; so will this, their first effort since the departure of bassist Carlos Dengler, deliver? The answer is a resounding and joyous yes.

Opener and single ‘All The Rage Back Home’ has an icy, dreamlike opening before launching jarringly into thoroughly unexpected punk-pop, an odd but exciting juxtaposition. But further into the meat of the record, we rejoice, for here is the fire, the ice and the fury. ‘My Desire’ sees the band fuse passion with cool detachment via a flurry of jagged hooks, while ‘Anywhere’ is concussive, bludgeoning and enveloping, the epicentre of a dangerous storm.

After a hiatus in which we feared the further waning of their powers, with ‘El Pintor’ Interpol have once more delivered that vein-deep thrill of ice-blasted New York noir rock, which was once their alluring trademark. Still very Interpol, it’s a viciously good return to form.


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