We asked Tom Krell to be the latest musician to answer our Getting To Know You questionnaire, because recording artists are people too


Since his 2010 debut, ’90s RnB enthusiast Tom Krell has aimed to be popular without being popularist, via three albums that are essentially very sad. Here he fills in our Getting To Know You questionnaire in an attempt to prove that recording artists are people too, and that he is not as joyless as his music might suggest.

The best piece of advice you’ve been given

“Attention is the natural prayer of the soul.”

Your favourite word


Your pet hate

The idea of guilty pleasures.

If you could only eat one food forever, it would be…

Burritos from L’Patron in Chicago.

The worst job you’ve had

Noodles & Co. lol.

Your favourite place in the world

With my girlfriend, anywhere.

Your style icon

My friend Simon.

The one song you wished you’d written

‘H.A.T.E.U.’ by Mariah.

The most famous person you’ve met

I’ve met some really famous people, but William Basinski was more important than all of them combined.

The thing you’d rescue from a burning building

My cat.

The worst date you’ve been on

Doing so much press is like going on a ton of dates, especially when I have, like, 15 interviews in one day – it’s like speed dating. It’s always brutal when someone is just incapable of having a charming conversation, in dating and press.

Your guilty pleasure

See my pet hate.

The worst birthday or Christmas present you’ve received

All presents are nice presents!

The characteristic you most like about yourself

My friends.

Your hidden talent

Rapping. lol.

Your favourite item of clothing

Acne sweat-shorts. So reliable.

Your biggest disappointment

To be honest, one doesn’t really come to mind. I feel incredibly blessed in life – lucky boy :)

The celebrity that pisses you off most even though you’ve never met them

Celebrities don’t really piss me off! I mean, I don’t really understand why Taylor Swift hasn’t called me yet to work, and I’m a bit annoyed that I wasn’t invited to Ye’s wedding, but I don’t really hold grudges.

Your biggest fear


The best book in the world

Right now, I’m into The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamieson.

What is success to you?

Respect and love and support.

What talent do you wish you had?

Wish I could drum.

How do you want to die?

Never, but since that’s impossible, how about: gracefully.

What is the most overrated thing in the world?


What would you change about your physical appearance?

Nothing really – it’s just not something that would cross my mind.

What’s your biggest turn-off? 

Manic people.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

You should be much nicer.

Your best piece of advice for others

Do you or whatever.