Here’s the video for ‘Forever’, the second track to come from Iceage’s third LP, ‘Plowing Into The Field of Love’

Last month, Danish punk band Iceage posted a video for a brand new track called ‘The Lord’s Favorite’. What they didn’t mention at the time was that the track will appear on a new, third album called ‘Plowing Into The Field of Love’, released October 6th via Matador.

Today the band have shared that information alongside this second video, for ‘Forever’, which throws another curveball at Iceage’s sound, which until now has been, let’s face it, one dimensional, if thrillingly stubborn.

‘Plowing Into The Field of Love’ is a much slower, unexpected affair to what fans of the group’s debut album and 2012’s ‘You’re Nothing’ are no doubt expecting. I mean, this track features horns from the Wild West.

Plowing into the Field of Love track-listing:
01. On My Fingers
02. The Lord’s Favorite
03. How Many
04. Glassy Eyed, Dormant and Veiled
05. Stay
06. Let It Vanish
07. Abundant Living
08. Forever
09. Cimmerian Shade
10. Against The Moon
11. Simony
12. Plowing into the Field of Love